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Rohlik Invoice Financing

Shortening the maturity of invoices for suppliers in cooperation with Roger

Rohlik Invoice Financing

Shortening the maturity of invoices for suppliers of in cooperation with Roger

Flexible cash flow improvements

Fee of max. 0.499 % per month

Online web platform

What is Rohlik Invoice Financing?

Rohlik Invoice Financing (RIF) is a fast way to shorten invoices within our business relationship using a simple and user-friendly interface. We launched the service in response to demand from our suppliers, to improve operating cash flow and pre-finance receivables from

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What is the purpose of the service?

The main task of Rohlik Invoice Financing is to finance trade flows between the customer and the supplier in order to optimise their working capital. Operation is simple, using a user-friendly web interface.

Who runs the RIF?

We have prepared the service for you in cooperation with the Payment Institution Roger, which helps companies optimise working capital by financing invoices with long maturity dates. Thanks to Rohlik’s implementation of electronic data interchange (EDI), the invoices are uploaded automatically to the platform. Roger as a licensed institution by Czech National Bank operates the RIF through its wholly owned subsidiary Invoice Financing.

How does RIF funding work?

1. Sending an invoice

You will issue an invoice for the delivered goods in EDI and send it to Rohlik

2. Invoice confirmation

Confirmed invoices are uploaded into the Rohlik Invoice Financing interface

3. Maturity shortening

Within 3 days you will be paid 100% of the invoice value (minus the discount) by Roger

4. Settlement

On the original due date, Rohlik pays the financed invoice into Roger’s account


  • Strengthening the financial stability of your company

    You will receive money for invoices within 3 days. You do not have to borrow in banks, operate with high reserves or deposits.

  • Low administration

    RIF is a simple user-friendly interface where you choose which invoices you want to pre-finance. Everything is done electronically, so you avoid unnecessary paperwork.

  • Flexibility

    You can use the service regularly, to cover seasonal fluctuations or just to finance one invoice. The frequency of use depends only on you. You optimise cash flow according to your current needs.

  • Price

    In comparison with other operating financing options, you will find the lowest interest with us, because the determination of financing conditions reflects the creditworthiness of The fee is set as an interest rate, the maximum amount of which is 0.499 % per month. We call the fee a discount and it is always calculated from the financed amount.

  • No limits

    It is up to you. You decide to use the services to shorten the maturity of invoices for several thousand or tens of millions of crowns. Suppliers with us do not have any limits.

Registration process

1. First login

You enter only your company ID number and e-mail, other information will be automatically verified from the database and you will immediately receive the password for the first login.

2. Authentication

Roger is obliged by law to verify the identity of the acting person of your company before the first financing. The Roger sales department will contact you by phone.

3. Maturity shortening

Select invoices in your web interface for pre-financing and within 3 days you will be paid 100% of the invoice value (minus the discount) by Roger. 

Do you want to know more?

Rohlik | Invoice Financing

Key Account Manager
t: +420 776 134 846

I will gladly answer all your questions related to the shortening invoices due dates. In Roger, I take care of Invoice Financing clients.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    Alza Invoice Financing („AIF“) is a new and quick method of negotiating a discount in a business relationship between you and the company a.s. thanks to simple and user-friendly interface. AIF serves to your occasional or regular need to enhance operational cash flow.

    Service AIF will shorten due dates of invoices exactly as you need. As soon as you register into the interface of AIF, you can start choosing invoices to finance and your money will arrive within 3 days. You can now do your business peacefully thanks to flexible and effective method of operational financing.

    AIF is destined to suppliers of who are interested in shortening the due dates of invoices.

    Typical users of AIF are:

    • Small and middle-sized companies which cannot develop their business quickly enough due to long due dates of invoices and insufficiency of operational capital.
    • Companies which operate in business which is influenced by seasonal fluctuations and long-term financing is not profitable for them.
    • Companies which have complicated access to bank financing due to short financial history.

    The price is set as an interest rate of 8.4 % p.a. from the financed value of a claim. For example, shortening the due date of invoice by 30 days will cost you 0.7 % of the claim’s financed value. With high billing volumes, the price may be lower. You can find the exact price, that we call discount, directly in the Alza Invoice Financing interface.

    The registration into the interface of AIF is free and it is accessible on this webpage. The process of registration is very quick and simple. The registration takes just few minutes.

    The process of registration into the interface of Alza Invoice Financing, is explained in this short video.

    To register into the interface of AIF you have to enter Identification No. (IČO) of your company, choose a login email and have a mobile phone nearby to receive the confirmation code.

    Contrary to bank factoring, you don’t have to guarantee a minimal volume of invoicing. The service can be used regularly or to cover seasonal fluctuations or to finance just one invoice. Everything depends on you. The entire communication is electronic so you can avoid unnecessary paperwork.

    Returns of goods or set-offs can occur during the relationship between a buyer and a supplier. Buyers then pay their debts with respect of the value of these set-offs. Therefore, we use the reserve in the amount (usually 25 % of the invoice's value).

    The shortening of due dates is only possible for invoices sent through EDI and confirmed by through positive COMDIS.

    Such invoices are displayed in the summary of invoices in the interface of AIF and you can choose these where you want to shorten the due date and release the working capital.

    If you don’t see the invoices in the interface, it is caused by the fact that they were not yet confirmed by positive COMDIS or they were rejected for some reason.

    A delay can occur between the sending of the invoice and its confirmation. In such case, the invoice is being processed by and it is necessary to wait for the confirmation of the invoice. If the waiting time for positive COMDIS is longer than usual then, please, contact the department of administrative support for the receiving of goods. Please do not contact the department Finance – Accounting.

    The state of the invoices can be tracked directly in the interface for EDI.

    Due date can be shortened at the moment of issuing the invoice or anytime later. Minimal period for shortening the due date is 14 days.

    The financing can be tailored up to your needs. The usage of AIF is not conditioned by any limits, monthly fees or hidden charges.

    You can finance invoices in the value of hundreds of czech crowns but also invoices in the value of millions of czech crowns. Currency billing is not important, we are able to finance even euros without limits.

    Sample case of accounting a claim financed through AIF can be found below or you can download it on this link. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us on or phone.: +420 702 021 683. Alza Invoice Financing – Assumptions of sample case:

    • Nominal value of the claim = 100.000 CZK
    • Financed sum 75 % = 75.000 CZK
    • Balance payment of 25 % after Alza’s payment = 25.000 CZK
    • Number of days from the day of financing to the due date on the invoice = 60 days
    • Discount equal to the number of days above = 1,4 % of the financed value (8.4/360*60)
    Transaction Account Document Sum
    Issuing of invoice for the customer 311/602 Invoice 100 000 CZK
    Profit from the assignment (sale) of the claim 315/646 Assignment of claim agreement 98 950 CZK
    Write-off of the claim – tax deductible, § 24 par. 2 s) 546/311 Assignment of claim agreement 98 950 CZK
    Write-off of the claim in the amount of discount – tax deductible, § 24 par. 2 s) 546/311 1 050 CZK
    5. Payment for the assigned claim – within 3 days 221/315 Bank statement 73 950 CZK
    Balance payment of the rest of the claim after Alza’s payment 221/315 Bank statement 25 000 CZK

    Complaints procedure of the Company is available here.

    Ethical code of the Company is available here.

    You can read information about the processing of personal data here.

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